ENVASCO specializes in the actuation of ball, butterfly, gate and globe valves with electric, hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. Using our knowledge of over 30 years in the industry, we are sure we have a solution for your valve automation requirements.

The current range of products available include the revolutionary 4 piston design actuator, dubbed “Compact II”. This hearty little actuator, made by Habonim, carries an impressive 7 year factory warranty. Compact II actuators certainly live up to their name and they are packed with features including ISO5211 Mounting Footprint, Namur output drive for limit switches and positioners, Namur interface for solenoid mounting and not to mention their patented 4 piston design, that provides double the torque output than a dual piston actuator.

Complementing the Compact II actuator are many other well known brands such as Auma, Bettis, Limitorque, Rotork, Sharpe, Qrtco, Worcester , and many more.

No matter what your need, we can come up with a solution.

V.M.I. = Vendor Managed Inventory Program

What is Vendor Managed Inventory (or VMI) ? Vendor Managed Inventory simply means the vendor (the supplier) manages a predetermined inventory of the end user. The end user receives electronic messages, usually via email, from the supplier. These messages tell the end user various bits of information such as what the supplier has sold and what they have currently in inventory. The end user reviews this information and decides when it is appropriate to generate a Purchase Order.

Under a Vendor Managed Inventory setup, the supplier would setup the end user inventory plan. The supplier would then monitor the end user’s inventory levels, keeping track of the sales and the current inventory level. Once the supplier believed the end user’s inventory levels were too low, the supplier would generate a sales order and ship the product to the end user on a pre-arranged Blanket Purchase Order.

On-site Evaluations

We offer our services to come out to your location and help identify parts that may be in need of repair or replacement. We are often called out to look at old and or obsolete valves that may be difficult (or impossible) to locate. In the event of coming across obsolete items, we will help to furnish a direct replacement of that product.

Some of the items that we help evaluate are as follows;

Valves – Actuation – Control Valves – Strainers – Steam Traps – Solenoid Valves

We also assist in helping to provide the exact valve for specific process conditions. We do this by working directly with maintenance personnel and engineering staff.

Global Sourcing

We globally source material to supply customer’s projects anywhere in the world. No matter what the product, we can ship from the manufacturer straight to the customer’s job site anywhere. By doing this, we save the customer money and valuable time by bypassing having to ship to the US first.

Private Labeling

We offer our customer the option of procuring materials that can be labeled with their own logo or trademark. By doing this, the customer gets their “brand” out there more and in some cases by adding a company name or logo to products has increased return parts sales.

For more information, please call or email us.