Actuation Components

Envasco offers complete actuation services from individual components to providing complete actuated valve packages.


Pneumatic : Electric : Hydraulic : Electro-Pneumatic : Electro Hydraulic


Solenoid Valves : Limit Switches : Positioner (Pneumatic & Electro-Pneumatic) : Proximity Sensors : Brackets and Mounting Kits


Pneumatic Actuators


Sonic Torque by Sharpe

Sonic Torque is a manufacturer of high quality actuators and accessories for complete actuation packages.

Sonic Torque’s standard rack and pinion pneumatic actuator offers quality and longevity  at an affordale price.

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The Sonic Torque Pneumatic Actuator Series 4×4™ packs more than double the torque of conventional rack and pinion actuators. That ís because it has four  pistons generating torque around a centrally located pinion. With more pistons in the actuator, it allows their diameter to be smaller while generating higher torque. At the same time, it means the size of the actuator can be more compact.

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SEA MARK II Series Electric Actuator

NEMA 4x, 7, 9

115V, 220V, 12V, 24V

Optional Spring Return

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The Sonic Torque Limit Switch provides a compact design and low cost solution to visual and electrical indication of rotary valve and actuator position.

NEMA 4x, 7, 9

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The Sonic Torque Solenoid is offered in Namur mount for space saving. It meets CSA, CE and Atex approvals.

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Sonic Torque Gear Operator comes in 4 sizes: 2,640 in lbs to 26,400 in lbs

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Habonim Compact Valve Actuators

Habonim is proud to introduce its new generation actuator. Based on patented 4 piston technology, the Compact II is the most rugged actuator on the market.

Habonim Compact valve actuators are compact in both size and weight. The racks are centered to the piston, thus eliminating side loads. The actuators are designed with maximum safety features for operators and maintenance teams (No pre – load on springs).

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Habonim Impact spring Assist

The Impact Spring Assist is a pneumatic device whose purpose is to increase spring closing torque on spring return actuators. This is achieved by diverting the spring chambers so that in combination with the spring force an increase in the total closing torque of the actuator is achieved. Redirecting the air pressure into the spring chamber increases the spring end torque by 50% and more.

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Bettis Valves and Actuators

Bettis is the  world’s leading independent manufacturer of pneumatic actuators and hydraulic  valve actuators. Bettis products are used in almost every energy related industry including on and offshore oil and gas transmission, petrochemical and petroleum refining. Other significant markets include chemical, power industry including nuclear, pulp and paper, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, textile and water systems.

Bettis has potential in virtually any market where valves are operated automatically.

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Worcester Controls

Our pneumatic actuator/positioner is a single or double-acting, force-balanced instrument that provides fast, sensitive and accurate positioning of diaphragm or cylinder actuators. It is available with either a pneumatic module for air control signals or an electro-pneumatic (I/P) module for milliamp current control signals. Designed for high performance, this unit is compact, field reversible and ruggedly built for reliability in severe industrial environments.

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